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echo $RANDOM

Lesser known CPU Scheduling Algorithms

CPU Scheduling algorithms I had no idea of after a fair bit of studies in the field of Operating Systems and those I discovered at an exam recently are presented here:

mini opera 3.0

I recently installed mini opera 3.0 on my Nokia 6600 and was pleasantly surprised. Now you dont have to Switch on your computer just for reading your mails especially when you are on the move or you are in a hurry or simpley Lazy.

Opera Mini 3.0 will give you a faster and better browsing experience than your mobile WAP browser. The interesting thing for me was that i was surfing at a higher speed than i do on my Computer even. Dont know the reason though.

Few more interesting features i discovered are

  • Feed Reader
  • Wikipedia search and other search engines on My Opera
  • Customizable Skins

For more and to download visit

What you need?

  • Java enabled Mobile phone
  • GPRS Connectivity