Google wishes "Happy Birthday India"!

With Google you never know,Wonder what’s the gift!

Here is a wish :

Google to go on a mass scale recruitment drive, to choose the best talents from colleges in India. For a change Google this time has decided to recruit from the less known engineering colleges from India, and not only the IITs. Also they are going to give preference to people who have demonstrated interest in Linux, Open Source Software Projects and people who are equipped with the technical skills as well the researcher’s mind!
Check it out at :

Official Google Blog: Namaste India!

This was on 15th August.

Google finally unveiled the gifts on August 20, 2007. Official Google announcement here

Google Indic Transliteration is one of those. Official Google blog says “This tool will let you type in Hindi, using an English keyboard. Type out words phonetically, and let Google convert them into the correct Hindi word. For example, type “Bharat” to see “भारत”.

Awesome. Here is a screenshot, while I played with it:

Here is the mail I wrote to them expressing my whole hearted congratulations:

Hello Google,

Though I really do not use Hindi as a language for written communication ( paper/paperless), but I know enough to test the AWESOME web application that you have put up! First of all, whole hearted Congratulations! In fact I am so used to Google’s ingenuity now that I am kind of expecting such pure genius only from Google.

Kudos to those who put up such a great effort!

Long Live Google!