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NB Community Docs: Adding iPhone Flavor to NetBeans 6.0

How about adding a little iPhone flavor to NetBeans 6.0? Let Kirill Grouchnikov show you how. Here is the link

Here is a screenshot :

Now, wasn’t that cool? Do you have something as cool? Share with us here


NB Community Docs:NetBeans Platform and Most Recently Used files (MRU)

Tony Kohar has contributed a tutorial on how to create most recently used files for the NetBeans Platform based application. Here is the link

Read it, Try it, Use it!

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Community Docs: Docs in Progress

For those of you, who frequent the Community Docs wiki must have noticed a few docs in the “In Progress” section for quite some time now.

The good news is that they are well on course to be published some time sooner than later. The would-be-contributors are a bit busy with more important things, but they are working hard to find some time for the Community as well.

So, why dont you try and find some time for the community as well? Publish a tip-or-trick, write an article or create a Flash Demo. Need Ideas?

Here are some:

  • Porting Eclipse Plug-ins to NetBeans
  • Developing Spring Framework Applications With NetBeans
  • Adding JavaHelp for standard projects

For more such ideas visit

Looking forward to see your contribution.