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Blackberry Development using NetBeans

Here is how Jonathan uses NetBeans for Blackberry development . read his blog post at

The NetBeans Switch Story #2

Michael Slater has a blog post titled “Goodbye Aptana, Hello NetBeans“. Here is an excerpt from his story:

I’d heard good things about NetBeans, Sun’s open-source IDE, but hadn’t wanted to take the time to switch tools. With the current state of the Aptana code, however, my willingness to switch increased dramatically, and a new milestone release of NetBeans made it look even better.


NB Community Docs: Updates

I just updated the tutorial titled “RubyonNetbeans6” earlier titled “NativeRubyonNetbeans6”.

There was some ambiguity in the earlier title, as well as the usage of word “Native”. The tutorial seems to be less ambiguous now. Worth taking a look once again.Here is the URL

Thanks, Chris kutler!

NB Community Docs: Using the Nasa World Wind Java SDK

George Lantz gets you started with Nasa World Wind Java SDK with a simple “Hello World” style tutorial. It is available here

Here is a screenshot from the tutorial:

This is a novel contribution to the Community Docs. Are you doing anything as interesting? Share!