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Booting into Linux: Remembering the first boot!

Hi all,

I was then in Class 11, and I used to hear about Unix, QNX, Linux from my computer teacher. Then one fine day, just like that , I bought this book on Red Hat Linux which was giving free Red Hat 7 CDs. So after a brief skimming of the book (I am not a detailed reader), I set about installing Linux even not knowing fully about Swap, partitions and stuff.

I did not get it right the 3rd or 4th time, i dont remember. Then finally when i got it right, I booted into my Linux system. So i booted myself as a Linux user for the first time. I used it for sometime mainly for net surfing, I managed to get my external modem working, and it was by hit-and-trial yay! But my C development continued in Turbo C (windows). then about 2 years from then till 2004,I did not do much with Linux because of college admissions, etc.

Then come 2005 I started my Linux journey again, with Red Hat 9. Then RHEL 3, PCQ Linux. I had this knack of trying a distro which i came upon, since i had not yet found my favorite. Often i fucked up my whole damn machine, data and all, disappeared with routine regularity.

A funny thing i remember is that, once my installation was going on and a friend mockingly asked me, should i press a Ctrl+Del+Alt? I thought that reboot wont work during installation, morone me :) so he went ahead with his desire. Oh well, you know what happened? After about 75 % completion of the installation, I had to start from scratch.

And then till now, slowly the journey has been adventurous. I have found my favorite Linux flavor – Debian, Ubuntu, I know kernel programming, I have written articles on Linux actually telling people how they can do some fun things with their Linux box and well I am a Linux user now, completely in love with it – using it for development, movies, surfing and everything!

Its been a sweet journey!


The NetBeans Schliemann Project

Interested in adding a new language support to the NetBeans IDE? You have probably already seen some programmers editors like Emacs, Vim or JEdit. They have editing support for many programming languages (~100). But they do not contain special hand coded support (module) for every language. They defines some Generic Languages Framework only. Every programming language is described in some file executed by the engine. Schliemann project implements Generic Language Framework for NetBeans IDE.

These links will get you started: