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Open MPI Community Docs Project taking shape

The Open MPI Community Docs project is an answer call for a repository of documentation for Open MPI. I am one of the first members of the project and intend to contribute a lot of documentation there. But first, I will have to sign a license and then get SVN access.

Richard, Sun Microsystems is one of the project initiators and his blog post marks the birth of the project.

The docs wiki is here:

Mailing list:


NB Community Docs wants You!

NB Community Docs needs contributions from you to continue its growth into a NetBeans knowledge repository. If you want an idea, here are some top ideas to write on:

  • Porting Eclipse Plug-ins to NetBeans
  • Porting a regular Swing programs to use the NetBeans Platform
  • Using the Tapestry Framework With NetBeans
  • Using Facelets with NetBeans

Do you have other ideas?Great. Go ahead and contribute!

See your contributions soon!

For all wannabe NetBeans Contributors

For all the wannabe NetBeans Contributors to Sun India’s Code For Freedom,(what is Code For Freedom?) here are a couple of links to get you started:

  1. How can you contribute to NetBeans?
  2. An introduction to NetBeans Community Docs

Oh yes, if you are wondering what it takes to start contributing to NetBeans:

1. Passion to code, experiment, teach
2. You Love coding in Java
3. Willing to learn, love challenges!

Hope to see some future NetBeans Contributors here!