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Introducing Wikinomics

DDJ has got this article “Wikinomics and a World of Change” which introduces Wikinomics as quoted by Don Tapscott, co-author with Anthony D. Williams of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

Wikinomics is the new art and science of collaboration that demands that business leaders think differently about how to compete and be profitable. This is more than open source, social networking, so-called crowdsourcing, smart mobs, crowd wisdom, or other ideas that touch upon the subject. Rather, we are talking about deep changes in the structure and modus operandi of the corporation and our economy, based on new competitive principles such as openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally.


Text/HTML similarity algorithms

Interesting post on Google answers regarding Text/HTML similarity algorithms. Check it out here at

Interview:James Gosling, ‘the Father of Java’

James Gosling in an interview: