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NB Community Docs: Getting Started with NetBeans Docs

Hi all!

The NetBeans Community Docs now has a doc about itself, yes- “Getting Started with NetBeans Docs” tells a thing or two to the wannabe contributor to the NetBeans Community Docs.

So if you have the idea and are looking for guidelines to get started, make sure you visit Getting Started with NetBeans Docs


NB Community Docs: Using the Tapestry Framework With NetBeans

The NetBeans Community Docs contribution titled “Using the Tapestry Framework With NetBeans” shows how to use the Tapestry Framework with NetBeans.

Make sure, you check it out here

NB Community Docs: Using the GUI Editor

Hi all!

We have a new contribution titled “Using the GUI Editor” whose primary purpose of is to make you know how to use GUI editor(also called as Matisse) in NetBeans for developing Swing/AWT applications on the fly.

This is a good introduction to GUI designing in NetBeans for the absolute beginner.

Go ahead and check it out!