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NB Community Docs: Accessing MS Access / MS SQL from NetBeans

The NB Community Docs contribution “Accessing MS Access / MS SQL from NetBeans” show you to use NetBeans IDE with JDBC – ODBC Bridge to connect to MS Access / MS SQL Server database.

Thank you Gustavo!


NB Community Docs: Pictures Explorer

The NB Community Docs contribution “Pictures Explorer” shows you how you can write a simple plug-in module for NetBeans to browse the “My Pictures” folder on your MS Windows system.

This plug-in gives you another reason not to leave the IDE at all.
Thank you Kunal for this nice contribution!

Catching up with the NetBeans Community Docs Contributions

As the NetBeans Community Docs Co-ordinator, one of the things I enjoy is to blog here about every new contribution.

I had very limited access to the Internet for the past week which prevented me from blogging about the contributions. Now, I have to catch-up with the contributions- read them and blog about them. Its good times indeed for us here at the NetBeans Community Docs. January, 2008 has seen the maximum number of contributions.

James has got a nice graphic:

A big Thank You to all the contributors and we hope to see your contributions in the future as well!