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NetBeans Zone

Check out this blog post by Geertjan on the new NetBeans Zone

I have joined, ( Have you?

Open JDK and Ubuntu: Bringing Java to Linux – Part 1 (video)

This podcast (Video) here at focusses on the Open JDK project- some comments on the decision to “free” Java and why they felt a “free” Java was the need of the hour

Stay tuned for the next part!


CodeForFreedom and NetBeans Community Docs

The NetBeans Community Docs has witnessed a huge growth over the past couple of months or so. And, I shall not be wrong in saying that a bulk of these contributions have been coming from Indian students who were participants in the Code For Freedom contest.

Special thanks to Varun, Rajath, Kunal, Ashwin..

Thank you all for making the Community Docs stronger. Looking forward to see your contributions in future!

See you!

NetBeans Community Docs on Facebook, MySpace

The NetBeans Community Docs is now going to make its presence felt in the Social Networks- Facebook and MySpace.

Facebook profile is here at You will need a Facebook account to join us.

MySpace profile is here at

Make sure you join us here!

See you!