NB Community Docs: Phase II

by Amit

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Hi all,

I have great new for the NB Community Docs program. We’ve reached all of our initial goals, and now it’s time to enter phase II. Here is what is going on:

  • Docs are being moved to a new location: http://netbeans.org/community/commdocs.html. This will help with visibility. The Community Docs wiki will still play an important role. All incoming docs must be posted there first.
  • We’ve started archiving docs by month. We’ve received so many contributions that one wiki will no longer suffice. In the coming days, you’ll see some of the older docs be relocated to other wikis.
  • There is NB Community Docs Blog at http://nb-community-docs.blogspot.com
  • . Amit and I will be blogging from there on all things concerning Community Docs.

  • We’ve created new groups on facebook.com and myspace.com. Make sure you get signed up.
  • We would like for all contributors to update their contributions so that they work in NetBeans 6.0. Volunteers can also update existing docs if their author don’t have the time.
  • We need more docs featuring MySQL and PostGreSQL. Any volunteers?

The NB Community is the place to be. We have a lot to be proud of.

See you tomorrow!


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  2. NetBeans Community Docs on Facebook, MySpace