Getting Started with Indiana on Ubuntu 7.04 and Virtual Box

by Amit

UPDATE: Updated with OpenSolaris 2008.11 here at

The Open Solaris project Indiana is now available as a developer preview

A great feature is that you can start a Live CD session either:

  1. By burning the ISO to a CD, or
  2. Directly boot from the ISO using Virtual Box or QEMU

Lets get started with Virtual Box:

Choose OS Name and Type
Choose the memory (>512 MB)

Configuring the Virtual HDD

Choose the CD/DVD-ROM Device

  • Now, insert the Indiana CD into your ROM and start the Virtual Machine
  • You should see the GRUB menu:

  • Let us start a Text Console session

Login with username “jack” and password “jack”

So, you are now ready to start exploring the Open Solaris command-line even without installing it!