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The design of the GUI for Software RAID Tool

To design the GUI for the Software RAID tool, the Swing Application Framework [1] is being used which is integrated with NetBeans IDE 6.1 [2]

The GUI consists of the following major swing controls:

  • jTabbedPane
  • jPanel
  • jFrame
  • jMenu/jMenuItem

I also integrated JavaHelp [3] to provide a user guide which will explain to the users about the various features and technical background information.





JavaHelp and Swing Application Framework on NetBeans 6.1 Beta

If you are following this doc JavaHelp and Swing Application Framework using NetBeans 6.1 (or greater) you would have run into an issue while adding the action for the menu item. I noticed it and reported to Patrick who very quickly has updated it and now you can follow the doc gleefully on NetBeans 6.0, 6.1+

Thanks Patrick for the nice tutorial!