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How to Continue Working with Eclipse C Projects in NetBeans IDE

Tweaked and added my blog post to the NetBeans Zone on Dzone here: How to Continue Working with Eclipse C Projects in NetBeans IDE

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Importing Eclipse C projects into NetBeans: A visual guide

Softwares Used:

  • NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta
  • Eclipse Europa
  • GCC tool chain

Here are the steps:

Create a “New Project” and choose “C/C++ Project From Existing Code”

Browse to your Eclipse project and select the Makefile

Browse to the source folder in the Eclipse project. (usually the ‘src’ folder)

Choose Project Name, Folder

Run the project:


Please note that I have tested it for a simple “Hello World” style C-project in Eclipse Europa.

Social Networks modelled as Complex Networks

Yesterday, I attended a workshop at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur where I interacted with Prof. Niloy Ganguly who is researching various aspects of Complex Networks.

A very interesting aspect of his research is his focus on Social Networks. I asked him- “Why is it not a good practice to model the Social Networks using traditional graph theory?”. According to him, Social Networks, due to the ever evolving, changing dynamic nature are best modeled as Complex Networks.

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