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BBC Radio: Digital Passion Podcast

The latest episode of Digital Passion Podcast features:

  1. Cloud Computing
  3. miscellany..

Download the episode here

Cloud Computing

This podcast will give you a nice introduction to Cloud Computing and related to it, the recent announcement of Google’s App Engine.

Places to go would be:


NetBeans Quiz: Get Quizzing and Winning!

The NetBeans Quiz is up & running!

Time to grab some cool prizes!


  1. Install the Quiz plugin module from the NetBeans update center in your IDE
  2. Answer some simple Java/NetBeans questions, submit
  3. Keep your fingers crossed :-)
  4. Participate every week

NB Community Docs in Russia

James, the NB Community Docs manager gave a short presentation on the NB Community Docs at Sun Tech Days, Russia

Check this link out

Congratulations, James, and thank you all those who have contributed to the effort!