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NetBeans IDE for Python: my blog posts

Hi Folks,

These are the posts I have done so far on the NetBeans IDE for Python support:

Now, you can track all my posts on the Python support at:


Working with the NetBeans IDE for Python EA release

Update: The Python support modules can now be installed from the NetBeans 6.5 Update Center

The NetBeans IDE for Python is a EA release. Hence you will not be able to install the Python bits from the NetBeans IDE update center. So, you are left with a couple of options:

  1. Use the NetBeans IDE for Python EA standalone installer, which works great. You can then use the update center to add other bits- Java, C/C++, Ruby..
  2. If you already have a NetBeans IDE 6.5 installation, then install the Python bits into the same location wich also contains the other NetBeans 6.5 installation. I have found this working fine on Linux. For Mac OSX, this post at will help you (No Idea about Windows; If you have found it working, please leave a comment)

PS: The project page is at