Doing more with the New Project Samples tutorial

by Amit

You can create and distribute project samples of existing project types , by following this tutorial at

Actually, with no work at all, you can use the above procedure to do (at least) 2 things more:

  1. If you have the need to create a new project category, that uses a project structure similar to any of the existing project types then, just choose the category appropriately. For eg. instead of Samples, just put it under a project category such as Java and your new project type will be displayed there (Assuming your code will use the Java project structure with Ant)
  2. Say, the project category doesn’t exist under Samples, then all you need to do is add an extra folder tag to your layer.xml. For eg. if the IDE does not yet have any Python samples category (it actually doesn’t, see Issue #15365), you just need to add the appropriate line in your layer.xml