Book Review: A Byte of Vim

A Byte of Vim is a freely available, immensely useful and well written book on Vim which has made me more confident of using only the keyboard with Vi(m). I am not getting into a detailed review of the book, rather I will simply refer to the best (IMO) portions of the book.

The Introduction begins in a way, a thrilling flick would, by showing you the best of the ammo that you can get to watch during the rest of the movie.

The next few chapters talk about installation of Vim, the Vim modes and basic moving around tips.

Editing basics and More Editing talk heavily about yanking and more in Vim.

Multiplicity talks about tabs and a lot more in Vim. Reading this chapter will help you in working with multiple files in a single Vim instance.

Scripting and Plugins shows you how you could increase your productivity with Vim.

How can you set up your programming environment with Vim ? Programmer”s Editor helps you in that quest. Vim as an IDE?

More points some great resources to Vim scripts and resources.

This book definitely has increased by knowledge and confidence about Vim. It’s well worth your bookshelf (in your room or your computer)