Book Review: The Last Theorem

by Amit

I finished reading The Last Theorem, Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl. Its a story of Ranjit Subramanium and his life after he finds a proof to Fermat’s Last Theorem

There is also a parallel storyline in the book which involves characters from other parts of the universe- Grand Galactics, One point fives and machine-stored creatures. The two storylines have common strings attached at various points and finally converges in the end with both Ranjit and Myra (his beloved wife) ending up as machine-stored long after their deaths.

My main motivation in reading this book was its fictional relationship to the theorem. Considering that, I am a tad disappointed as it doesn’t really justify my choice as it has a somewhat cursory in its treatment of the theorem.

However, taking that out of the equation, this book is a enjoyable read as it takes you on a voyage in a solar sail and more. To the math lover’s delight there are references to Sophie Germain and Lady Ada Lovelace.

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