Life and What we Make of it

by Amit

I am currently in a big city where life and death is a never stopping affair just like the ringing cash register in a supermarket. I hear a number of ambulance sirens all throughout the day. Some of them will lead to the post life life and the others will bring back to the current life. Either way its a new life. Life as we know it is quite different for each of us humans. In our body there are a huge number of cells living and dying, regenerating, rejuvenating fighting every moment. Where as we as a single being live and die only once, not considering the concept of multiple births for the moment, the cells in our body lives and dies continuously. Moving on from biology to more philosophical territory, we have often heard of life changing experiences. A realisation of an eternal  truth for example can be called a life changing experience, post which the being leads his life diferently as if he or she has been reborn.

The concept of life is thus quite open to well, conceptualization. We give it a different meaning or rather it means different to us at different points of time. Its rather easy to wander around in life in the name of exploring, flexibility or being adventurous. And it is during this wandering stage of life that big mistakes are made. Life is normally a long period of time we are dealing with. And its all the more important to respect this fact and act with the fear of consequences in mind. Short sightedness and a closed room thought process results box like thinking. And that is when the big picture is missed. The term big picture may sound like a cliche term. But it actually is important to  see it. When we see the big picture, we tend to concentrate on our insignificance as a human and as a.species as compared to the vastness that surrounds us. And the day we realize our own insignificance and ignorance, we start growing sensible, we start acting with the big picture in mind. But the big question is how to not lose your way? how to not miss the big picture?

As individuals we tend to follow trajectory in our lives. There is a beginning and there is an end. We rise and we fall. During this rise and fall, its easy to forget where you started from. Its easy to forget your roots. Root could be just yourself, a person you love or trust most or it could be a set of principles you live by. Being rooted is important to stop wandering from. The concept of being rooted is similar to the concept of being anchored to something or someone which helps you from being lost in the open sea of life. In earlier times and probably even today, in a section of Indian society – marriage is seen as a way of making the bad son from going berserk. The responsibility of a wife is believed to be sobering down this son. May be it works. But again the principle is the same – being anchored or rooted is important.

Sometimes, you might have wandered so much that too much has been damaged – there is no point of return – or so you think. But its never too late to return to your roots, to your anchor and start fixing things. The struggle must go on. You must keep fighting. For it is in our mistakes that we learn never to commit them. There won’t be another life. So, don’t go to the GAP yet.

The show must go on.