Taking Shakespeare Seriously

by Amit

Faces are Us (Source: Clicked by your's truly)

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts”

So began Shakespeare’s Monologue in As You Like It. I think the human race has taken him a little too seriously and try really hard everyday to prove the relevance of Shakespeare in our daily lives. To express myself more accurately, I would rewrite these four lines as:

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely actors:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time puts on many masks”

Look back a little in your life – may be as little as even 12 months in your life and you will know what I mean. If you don’t, lucky you. I am keeping my fingers crossed. For, its the many faces of man and woman that can ruin you. You might befriend “friend”, but hey, “friend” is not actually what you think “friend” is. “friend” has an agenda, a reason to be with you – and no it isn’t because “friend” likes you or admires you. “friend” just wants to have some fun, at the cost of your faith, trust and emotions. Its funny how this “friend” reacts to situations in your life. Here are some instances:

  • “friend” is a great friend to you when you are sad, lonely, perhaps you miss someone very important in your life, or you are in a mental turmoil for something. You think “friend” is a great friend, so you befriend “friend” and really make “friend” important in your life thinking that “friend” wants nothing but your good. Then you find some happiness in your life, and “friend” is NOT happy. “friend” doesn’t even express happiness.
  • “friend” is your friend for many years. “friend” even goes to the extent of telling you to find your own happiness and go for it. You go and find it, but “friend” isn’t happy anymore for you. Another “friend”, another Face. Did “friend” not expect that you would actually go and get your happiness?
  • You have loved “friend” dearly, (a lot like brotherly love, if you please) you do a lot for “friend”, buy her books, making sure “friend” gets all  that’s needed. You ask “friend” for something really small in return, and “friend” doesn’t feel that its necessary. “friend” doesn’t care anymore of your existence.
  • …and it goes on

So, what is the problem with our “friend” here? Is “friend” jealous, angry, sad, disappointed with you? Or is “friend” just pretending to be something which actually “friend” is not. Or, is it just that you are wrong? That you couldn’t see what it was actually there. May be you are wrong, but from personal experience, you can’t be wrong all the times. You are being playing into the hands of a bunch of moral-less individuals who don’t even know what friendship, love or being human is. Being happy for someone else is a far cry from them. If you analyse “friend”, you will see that “friend” doesn’t even know what to make of this life- and hence try to be different at different points of time. They lack the appreciation for beauty – they lack the good will to come and pat your back and say – “Hey, good job! Keep it up.”, they lack the will power or force to chase their dreams, they don’t slog for their career or for their life. They don’t know how to be a friend or a lover.

Look around, do you see a “friend”? If yes, avoid “friend”.

And Dear “friend”, please put on a real mask, so that we know whether you are a batman or a spider-man. Enjoy your days in the sun because people like you are usually outlived, if not outnumbered.

PS: Excuse the liberal use of “friend”. It was intentional to highlight the farce that some people make friendship to be.