GSoC 2012: On-Demand Fedora Build Service: Update #1

by Amit

A key component of the project is downloading packages from Koji. Over the past few days, I have been playing around with Koji client functionalities to get some familiarity with listing/retrieving packages from the build service. (Setup instructions)

Once I setup Koji, I started playing around with the client code that Tim Flink had sent me earlier. I adopted Tim’s code to create a script to download RPM’s from Koji and create a side repository with them. The Python code is called:

Next, I wanted to have a script which would download the latest build of a package for a particular tag from Koji. For this, I used from Autoqa‘s code. The code is called: As of now, this script just downloads the RPMs for each of the tags.

Both these scripts are available here: