GSoC 2012: On-Demand Fedora Build Service: Update #2

Over the past week, I gained some familiarity with lorax [1]. lorax is used to create the boot.iso and pylorax is used by pungi [2] and livemedia-creator [3] to create the DVD installer and Live images of the various spins, respectively.

  1. lorax
  2. pungi
  3. livemedia-creator

Having had a basic idea of how lorax works,  I then proceeded to use pylorax to create a boot.iso by building upon Tim Flink’s image building code he had sent me during our project discussions. A build is now in progress as I write this.

My next plan is to integrate the creation of the side repository from extra packages retrieved from Koji so that newer builds of packages are included in the boot.iso.

Also, start using configuration files for specifying the repository/mirror information, architecture, release, etc. By next week, I should have this code in my git hub.