GSoC 2012: On-Demand Fedora Build Service: Update #9

The code saw a few additions/enhancements since the last update:

  • There is now a command line client directly submitting build jobs and another client using the basic REST interface exposed via the Web application [1].
  • Remote Kickstart files specified via a http:// or ftp:// are now supported. Once again, this has to be ‘ksflattened’.
  • I added some validation on the web based interface. However it happens on the server side using Flask’s pre_validate( ) method. Ideally I would like to familiarize myself with enough Java Script to do this on the client side
  • I started writing some Unit tests using py.test and Mock. But, I am currently waiting for some guidance from Tim to really write some good tests.
With the Mid-term evaluation due in less than a week, I am quite happy with the way things are progressing at this moment.  The TODO and GOOD-TO-HAVE notes down the things I would like to finish before the project deadline is over [2].