GSoC 2012: On-Demand Fedora Build Service: Update #11

by Amit

Its been a while since I posted an update, and this will probably be the last before the final update as part of the Google Summer of Code.

The big update is that I have got pretty decent documentation up now. You may browse it here [1]. Its up to date with the current code base [2]. Besides the user documentation, it also contains some of the internal details about the tools/libraries/design decisions that have been taken in the project.

If you have got some free cycles to spare (human + computer), you may want to give it a shot to try building  images for yourself. As a tip, the local mode, involves least amount of setup and is easiest to try out what is in there. If you see anything broken, feel free to file an issue.

As an aside, I was literally blown away by the awesomeness of Sphinx and Read the docs. Really great tools and services.


[1] Documentation:

[2] GitHub: