Book Review: Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby

by Amit

I received a review copy of the book as part of the blogger review program.

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

Title:  “Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby” by Ophir Frieder, Gideon Frieder, David Grossman; O’Reilly Media.

Summary: In the book “Computer Science Programming Basics in Ruby”, the authors aim to introduce concepts from computer science to its readers. Instead of pseudo code, the authors use the programming language, Ruby (a small subset of it) to demonstrate the concepts. At the very outset, the authors make it clear that they will not go into the details of the programming language itself and instead focus on the computer science/algorithmic aspects. The book is quite brief and has an interesting objective.

Reactions: I think the book fails to achieve its objective. As far as introducing computer science concepts go, there is a chapter on computer hardware, bits and bytes, memory and a chapter on sorting algorithms. The rest of the chapters fall somewhere in between talking about purely programming constructs and computer science concepts.

Verdict: Overall, the book could do with treatment of more computer science focused topics, as it happens to be the objective of the book. This could be done with an “example” computer science focused topic at the end of each chapter which makes use of the programming concept introduced in that chapter.

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