Book Review: Understanding and Using C Pointers

by Amit

I received a review copy of the book as part of the blogger review program.

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

Title:  “Understanding and Using C Pointers” by Richard Reese; O’Reilly Media.

Summary:  As the title implies, in the book “Understanding and Using C Pointers”, the author discusses pointers in C. It discusses various aspects of pointers and their application in dynamic memory allocation (and implementing linked lists, dynamic arrays, etc.), their usage in the form of function pointers, structure pointers and various other related concepts. The treatment of the topics have a nice flow. The author gently begins by introducing the concepts of a stack and a heap in the context of the runtime memory layout of a executing program and then proceeds to discuss memory allocation, before discussing the topics mentioned earlier. The book’s contents describe an area of C which can be scary and confusing sometimes, but need not necessarily be so – which is what the book aims to demonstrate.

Reactions: The book is absolutely fantastic and if you have anything to do with C or simply wanted to read an entire book on pointers, this is it. You will  learn a number of new things, and suddenly a number of pointer mysteries will be demystified.

Verdict: A must have for your collection if you would love to learn more about pointers in C or simply understand them better.

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