Book Review: Instant SymPy Starter

by Amit

I received a review copy of Instant SymPy Starter from Packt Publishing. Here is my review.


As the name implies, this book is really short introduction to SymPy, and intended to get someone started. It starts by describing the installation procedures on various  operating systems and also mentioning the live shell which can be used to get a taste of SymPy without any installation. Then, the author introduces a curve sketching problem and uses it as a means to introduce various features of SymPy.

After that, the author describes some of the SymPy features as outlined in the table of contents.

Summary and my thoughts

I am not very clear about the purpose the book is aimed to serve other than making readers aware of SymPy. It is neither an exhaustive introduction to SymPy nor is it a collection of “recipes”.

In my opinion, the official tutorial is good to get started with and the documentation is detailed and exhaustive for getting started with and learning all about SymPy.