Fedora Scientific Spin Update

by Amit

The Fedora Scientific 20 Spin will have a number of new packages: notably, it will now include the Python 3 tool chain for the Python libraries for scientific/numerical computing. If you are interested to check it out, download a nightly from here.

Testing the applications/libraries

It took me 3 releases to figure out – or rather, sit down to do it. Anyway, here it is now. I have created a Wiki page where I want to list scripts/other ways to sanity test the various packages/applications that are being shipped. I believe it will help in two ways:

  • Often, the entire functionality of a tool/library is split into more than one package and hence pulling in only the main package is no guarantee that the tool/library/application will work.
  • We may also be able to catch genuine bugs/faults in the packages being shipped. (Think of things like missing shared library dependency, etc)

So, please add whatever you can to the wiki page. Just simple ways to see if the application/library actually works.

My plan is to collect whatever I/we gather there into a git repository somewhere and run it prior to/during releases to see everything is working as expected.


  • Download a nightly compose from here (The usual warning against testing in-progress Fedora releases apply)
  • Add scripts/tests to the wiki page here

If you find a problem, leave a comment here, or add to the wiki page.


You may see that the nightlies are failing, but this should be fixed soon (See this bug). You can still download a TC5 build from here which has all the packages that are going to be shipped, except for sagemath.

Once again, thanks are due to the packagers actually packaging all this software that makes Fedora Scientific possible.