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CodeForFreedom and NetBeans Community Docs

The NetBeans Community Docs has witnessed a huge growth over the past couple of months or so. And, I shall not be wrong in saying that a bulk of these contributions have been coming from Indian students who were participants in the Code For Freedom contest.

Special thanks to Varun, Rajath, Kunal, Ashwin..

Thank you all for making the Community Docs stronger. Looking forward to see your contributions in future!

See you!


CodeForFreedom: Contributions Set #4

This is my final contribution to the Code For Freedom:

CodeForFreedom: Contributions Set #3

Submitted the following documents and plug-ins to Code For Freedom:



Plug-in Modules

  1. URL Bookmarking Manager

CodeForFreedom: Contributions Set #2

Creator and Maintainer of a new project under the NetBeans Comunity Docs – EclipseToNetBeans page which will serve as the repository of documents showing you how to work with your Eclipse projects in NetBeans


Official Announcement:

CodeForFreedom: Contributions Set #1

Submitted my first set of contributions for the CodeForFreedom contest. They are:

  1. Open JDK: Working with ‘javac’
  2. Getting started with Java DB
  3. Ruby development on NetBeans 6

All of them are available here at the NB Community Docs.

For all wannabe NetBeans Contributors

For all the wannabe NetBeans Contributors to Sun India’s Code For Freedom,(what is Code For Freedom?) here are a couple of links to get you started:

  1. How can you contribute to NetBeans?
  2. An introduction to NetBeans Community Docs

Oh yes, if you are wondering what it takes to start contributing to NetBeans:

1. Passion to code, experiment, teach
2. You Love coding in Java
3. Willing to learn, love challenges!

Hope to see some future NetBeans Contributors here!

Code for Freedom

Sun Microsystems, India launched the “Code for Freedom” contest for University students in India.

Here is what the website has to say,

Sixty years ago, just as India awoke to freedom, we call upon the young minds of India to awake to the clarion call of Open Source. The Open Source movement is emerging as the new new world order making a sweeping impact in the technology sector across the world. Today, Open Source products such as Apache Web Server, Open Office and Linux have dwarfed several proprietary software corporations.

Sun Microsystems, a front-runner in professionally backing Open Source and one of the largest contributors to this movement, takes this opportunity to invite the young, dynamic academic community of India to come and become a part of the exciting Open Source wave. We encourage you all to embrace the Open Source technologies with open hands and help take these communities to greater heights.

With this vision, Sun Microsystems is happy to announce the Code For Freedom contest where students across India contribute to the technologies that are empowering the participation age. Participating in this contest will provide you with precious industry experience while still learning in college. And there is more. We in turn reward you for your valuable contribution in taking the first steps towards the open source movement.

Come. Be a part of this phenomenon called, Open Source.

Are you contributing yet?