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Microsoft woos me back!


  • Have not written a single line of code for MS Windows in the past 10-12 months.
  • Have prepared my last 10-15 articles/reports using LaTex (on Linux), not MS Office.
  • Surf Internet only on Linux
  • Develop only on Linux
  • Write, publish articles/docs only for Linux/Open Source Magazines
  • All my current projects are related to Open Source/Linux
  • Bought a Acer Laptop because it is more Linux friendly, besides few other factors

..and all this despite me being a Microsoft Student Partner.

All this is however set to change a bit though. My interest in MS stuff is going to take a bit of renewal. I plan to keenly follow the Open Source efforts at Microsoft:

Must Visits:


Open Source@Microsoft

The latest news from the Open Source software lab@Microsoft is that they are releasing the source code for .NET class libraries

Definitely something to check out is Open Source at Microsoft