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OpenJDK 6, NetBeans 6.0.1 on Ubuntu 8.04

You can now use pre-built OpenJDK 6 for your Java development on Ubuntu 8.04.

See the links for more information:

Also, NetBeans 6.0.1 is now available in the repos (

So, now you know what to do? Start using NetBeans 6.0.1 with OpenJDK 6!

Advertisement will probably look like this

Glynn Foster has a mockup. Things are still being worked out though, but the templates, mockup looks GOOD

Of course, Order is important and hence, augurs well for

Sun to begin close sourcing MySQL?

Slashdot reports certain features of MySQL all set to be available only to its enterprise customers- thus indicating a first step towards close-sourcing portions of the code-base of the Open-Source database.

Links to visit:


ODF Toolkit for Java

I have decided to discontinue my dedicated blog on ODF Toolkit for Java, basically because I was finding it difficult to manage both.

From now on, all posts on ‘odf4j’ will be available here on this blog.

Some related links:

We also have a weekly meeting every Friday at 07:30 GMT on irc://freenode/#odftoolkit

SDN Channel Video: OpenSolaris: A Sneak Peek

Hear and see Ian Murdock speak on SDN Channel about Project Indiana on this SDN channel video here
Besides other things, he demos the Image Packaging System (IPS)

Sun Net Talk: Sorting Out Solaris Releases

This Net Talk titled Sorting Out Solaris Releases is available here (web cast) and the audio is available at

Mercurial 0.9.5 on Indiana

A one-liner to install Mercurial on Indiana:

pkg install SUNWmercurial

This is made possible by the Image Packaging System

All packages available for installation are at

Ian Murdock on Package Management

I am trying to learn the working of Image Packaging System (IPS). A definite read to properly assess the importance of IPS to the Open Solaris project would be Ian Murdock’s How package management changed everything

Introduction to Solaris and

I just finished the course Introduction to Solaris and and also got a cool certificate:


Connecting to the Internet from Indiana as the guest via NAT

After installing Indiana on Ubuntu 7.04 using Virtual Box I wanted to access the Internet from Indiana. I use a PPP connection to connect to the Internet on my host machine. All I had to do is:

  1. Enable NAT in the Virtual Box settings for the Indiana virtual machine
  2. Enable DHCP for the virtual network interface on Indiana and enable it so as to activate at boot time

..and it works!