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Installing Ruby gems in NetBeans 6.0 on Ubuntu

Hello all,

The newest contribution to the NetBeans Community docs is titled “Installing Ruby gems in NetBeans 6.0 on Ubuntu” which shows you a easy work-around to the problems that you might face to install Ruby Gems on Linux.

This is a handy doc for the Ruby developers!

Make sure you check it out and let us know your comments!


NB Community Docs: Swing with JRuby

Teera Kanokkanjanarat is back with another great tutorial titled “Swing with JRuby: Developing a Desktop Application with the JRuby and Java Swing APIs

Thanks a lot Teera for this nice article and its time for Teera to be in the Spotlight.

Native Ruby Development on Netbeans 6

I just created a tutorial on the Netbeans Community Docs Wiki to get started with Native Ruby Development on Netbeans 6.

It is available here

Here is a screenshot from the article:

Suggestions / Feedback would be great.