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Package Naming in Indiana

If you have played around a bit with the Image Packaging System (IPS) in Indiana, you will observe that all packages are prefixed with a ‘SUNW’. Why is that?

I fired my query to the pkg-discuss list and Shawn Walker quickly told me the reason why: “

Because Sun’s official previous policy on package naming was that
creators of packages used their company stock ticker to ensure package
names were easily identified and unique.

Now, it is because the existing packages in Indiana, etc. are imported
from Solaris Express builds that still use the old naming convention.

It will go away eventually.

You may follow the discussion here

knew that Sun’s stock ticker was ‘JAVA’, then why ‘SUNW’? Google took me to this blog post on Jonathan’s blog titled “JAVA is everywhere

Now, I am relieved that I know why.


SDN Channel Video: OpenSolaris: A Sneak Peek

Hear and see Ian Murdock speak on SDN Channel about Project Indiana on this SDN channel video here
Besides other things, he demos the Image Packaging System (IPS)