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Connecting to the Internet from Indiana as the guest via NAT

After installing Indiana on Ubuntu 7.04 using Virtual Box I wanted to access the Internet from Indiana. I use a PPP connection to connect to the Internet on my host machine. All I had to do is:

  1. Enable NAT in the Virtual Box settings for the Indiana virtual machine
  2. Enable DHCP for the virtual network interface on Indiana and enable it so as to activate at boot time

..and it works!


Getting Started with Indiana on Ubuntu 7.04 and Virtual Box

UPDATE: Updated with OpenSolaris 2008.11 here at

The Open Solaris project Indiana is now available as a developer preview

A great feature is that you can start a Live CD session either:

  1. By burning the ISO to a CD, or
  2. Directly boot from the ISO using Virtual Box or QEMU

Lets get started with Virtual Box:

Choose OS Name and Type
Choose the memory (>512 MB)

Configuring the Virtual HDD

Choose the CD/DVD-ROM Device

  • Now, insert the Indiana CD into your ROM and start the Virtual Machine
  • You should see the GRUB menu:

  • Let us start a Text Console session

Login with username “jack” and password “jack”

So, you are now ready to start exploring the Open Solaris command-line even without installing it!

innotek Virtual Box on Ubuntu 7.04

Add the Virtual Box repository for Ubuntu 7.04

Instructions available at

Then use Synaptic (GUI) to install Virtual Box 1.5.6. Synaptic starts downloading the package and after it is completed, starts the configuration:

  1. After this, you should get a new menu entry innotek Virtual Box under System Tools
  2. However, before you can start using it, you have to add your username to the vbox group. Go ahead and add your username to the vbox group
  3. Log out and re-login
  4. Virtual Box should be ready to use