• Write Your First Program, published by Prentice Hall Learning, India.
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Documents/Articles written for self-distribution (all available)

Technical Articles in Print/Digital Magazines

  1. A Look at ownCloud (Linux Journal, June 2012)
  2. Parallel Programming in C and Python (Linux Journal, May 2012)
  3. Android Programming with App Inventor (Linux Journal, May 2012)
  4. BoxGrinder: Virtual Appliance Manufactory (Linux Magazine,  May 2012)
  5. PiCloud: An Easy Way to the Cloud (Linux For You,  March 2012)  ( Online )
  6. Fedora Scientific: Open Source Scientific Computing  (Linux For You,  December 2011) (Online)
  7. An Introduction to Arduino Programming (Linux Journal, November,  2011) (Online)
  8. Getting started with Inotify (Linux For You,  April 2011) (NEW) (PDF)
  9. Getting started with Clojure (Linux For You, March 2011)
  10. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 6 (Linux For You, June, 2010)
  11. Write your next program on Linux (Linux For You, May, 2010) (Available online)
  12. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 5 (Linux For You, May, 2010)
  13. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 4 (Linux For You, April, 2010)
  14. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 3 (Linux For You, February, 2010)
  15. A primer on Ext4 (Linux For You, Januray, 2010)
  16. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 2 (Linux For You, January, 2010)
  17. Getting started with GNU Octave, Part – 1(Linux For You, December, 2009)
  18. ‘Typesetting’ Presentations with Beamer (Linux For You,November, 2009)
  19. Google Chrome: A Fresh take on the browsers (Linux For You,November, 2008)
  20. Virtual Appliance: It’s ‘Just Enough’ (Linux For You,October, 2008)
  21. Getting started with ARM Linux (Linux For You, February, 2008)
  22. A Developer’s First Look At Android (Linux For You, January, 2008)
  23. How About Some IcedTea Instead of Coffee?(Linux For You, December, 2007)
  24. OpenJDK extends Sun JDK(Linux For You, November, 2007)
  25. The Linux Kernel Random Number Generator ( Linux For You, August 2007)
  26. Making Sense of Nmap XML output ( Linux For You, June 2007)

Technical Articles/Guides (Online)

  1. Serve Up Your Music with Zeya
  2. Hey Researcher! Open Source tools for you
  3. Getting started with DTracing MySQL
  4. A Graphical way to MySQL mastery
  5. Hands-on Hadoop for cluster computing
  6. Hands-on Linux Software RAID
  7. Beginning JNI with NetBeans C/C++ Pack 6.0, Part II, Linux
  8. Introducing NetBeans Plug-in Development
  9. Introducing Mercurial, a distributed version control system
  10. Introducing Python Pickling
  11. Learning about Linux Processes
  12. Issues in Concurrent Server design on Linux Systems

Wikipedia pages

Research Oriented Essays/ Reports

APOLOGY: One of my first articles was written at the age of 20/21 and being a little less “aware” ended up having a lot of its text copied from a primary source since I thought “its english right?”  And so if you come across this article http://linuxgazette.net/128/saha.html, it was the foolishness of youth. My apologies.