About me

My name is Amit. Since September, 2012 I am working with Red Hat at Brisbane, Australia. Currently, the majority of my work focuses on the Beaker project, contributing to beaker itself as well as auxiliary projects associated with it.. Previously, I worked at an intersection of Genetic Algorithms and Mathematical Optimization with Engineering applications as part of my Masters research at the University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia. Before that, I spent a year at the Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory, IIT Kanpur, India. And before that, I worked with Sun Microsystems, Inc in the MySQL Engineering team.

Projects and Writings

My past and present Open Source and community efforts are archived here. I have written technical articles for various magazines in the past and have also written a book and about to finish another.You may view the details here.

Email and elsewhere

My email address is amitsaha.in@gmail.com. You may follow me on Twitter, on Google Plus or like my Facebook page, where I share things I learn and experiment with.

My LinkedIn profile is here.

I took to photography by chance and have put the better ones at http://500px.com/amitsaha and instagram at http://instagram.com/yaechorand . I enjoy following my wife’s photography at http://500px.com/protyusha and like reading what she occasionally writes.