Amused by "Bemused"

by Amit

A Nokia 6600 ,a assembled PC with FC5 and a local made Bluetooth dongle was all that was required to enable me do with my computer what was a small dream even few months back.I could control the music being played on my computer ,even shut it down when i wanted to and all this without even going at least 10 metres near to my computer. Bemused enabled me do just that with my mobile phone. The system is basically a client – server. The client side has to be installed on your phone and the server on your PC. After you have installed the bemused client on your phone , you can control music players like XMMS,amarok,etc( on Linux),Winamp and WMP( on Windows). You can even control powerpoint slide shows with your phone.

Download bemused for S60 phones here
For linux users who have kde-bluetooth installed you only need to install the client side (.sis file) on your phone. The server is bundled with kde-bluetooth.

Windows users will however have to install the bemused server as well.

My Hardware:

Assembled PC with FC5 ( 2.6.16) & Windows XP
Nokia 6600
Bluetooth Dongle