GSoC 2012: On-Demand Fedora Build Service: Update #7

by Amit

In my last update, I reported that I had a functional build service, capable of harnessing multiple build nodes and a functional Web UI as well. The process to deploy the build service was however quite manual and tedious. I was looking for a way to help do this without as much manual intervention as possible and fabric (Thanks, Tim) was the answer. I wrote a fabfile for the whole task, called ‘’.  As outlined in my earlier post, I am using celery to distribute the build tasks, so the celeryd process needs to be running on the build daemons. I found zdaemon (Thanks Jan on fabric mailing list) to be the easiest way to run the celeryd process as daemons.  The updated code is available in the repository now [1].

There is a HOWTO [2] document, which should help you deploy the service and run your own home based build service. I recently used it to build myself a Fedora Scientific ISO. Please don’t abuse it. There is hardly any error handling now. I am however accepting bug reports now. Thanks for all your help.