by Amit

I am human after all, or so I have been trying to be. Here goes a Humane rant,

Its funny how easy it is to find yourself aloof from what’s happening around you. The clutter of voices suddenly disappear into the surroundings, you feel like you own this world.  All you need is a noise cancelling pair of Bose. Al right, i am kidding.

Its a very personal experience i am writing about today. As days pass by, i am getting this sense of alienation. Family, acquaintances, peers – everyone seem so repelling. Its like our individual agenda are conflicting. And like she would say, there is no merging. Have you ever felt so disillusioned that you learn to ignore everything good or bad? Have you questioned yourself whether you have ever done a correct thing? Felt like a looser all the way down?

May be you actually are. May be not. I am still quite hopeful and hence i shall take the latter stand. In this world full of mediocrity its easy to get into conflicts with things which have been recognized by the mass as convention, rules and regulations. Its then you begin to question yourself: are you wrong or have you outgrown the mass? Are you the tall tree who have been enterprising enough to reach out?

Outgrowing has interesting repercussions aside from alienating you. It makes you a misfit of almost villainous proportions. You are made to look like a traitor to your roots. Outgrowing often makes you the object of a chaining project.

The key to maintain growth is to maintain the upward climb. The higher you grow, the farther you live mediocrity behind. Its not unknown that lion does not move in a herd. The lion possesses beastly physical powers. Most human beings don’t possess even a fraction of that physical strength cause we are not all flesh and bones. We are supposed to be thinking beings and its our thoughts which should empower us above the mass.

Now you might be wondering what is the definition of outgrowing that i am talking about. There is no particular definition i have in mind. Its a feeling, more of a realization of not belonging to your immediate community, surroundings and family.

This year has taught me in a very hard way what mediocrity can do. Shun people who make you feel mediocre. You are awesome.

May you outgrow all during the course of next years.